Thursday, September 29, 2011

Study Buddy

All of my classes are night classes this semester which is good and bad. Good because it doesn't interfere with my work schedule (too much) so I can still work full time. Bad because I can still work full time, but the worst part is that since I'm gone ALL day and night, I don't see much of the husband.
Lately Eric has come up with the perfect solution. He just comes to school with me and studies in the common areas while I go to class! It has added so much more time to be able to see each other and I totally love it.
We were holding hands while we were walking on campus and we had to laugh because I kinda felt like one of those hand-holding couples in high school. So funny. I also love that we are right across the street from Crown Burger so it's easy to or grab a shake on our way in or out. This has become my favorite part of the semester by far.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


I'm sorry I bring school up all of the time but this blog is for journal(ing) purposes after all, and school is a major part of my life these days. So don't read it if you don't want to hear it :)
Anyways, Fall semester has started and I have been a little put out because being a transfer student, you are bound to run into issues with ALL if your credits transferring smoothly. Long story short, mine haven't. It's even more frustrating because had everything switched over correctly, I would be in my last semester! But this isn't the point of this post so I'll get on with it.
I was super deflated having to go back and take one of the entry level classes. Not trying to sound snobby but I already know this stuff!!! I hate that I have to waste money and valuable time that I could be taking other classes that would get me closer to graduation. Long story short, I get to the class and find that my very favorite teacher will be teaching the class. Sweet. at least one good thing about being here! Then, as we gathered together for our abnormally large design meeting, we had to go around and tell everyone the reasons why we choose Interior Design as a major...This is where it gets good.
As the girls all told us what made them choose this path for their career, (some way more valid than others) I was reminded of why I am so passionate about what I do. I truely know that I am in the right place.
I was reminded of a story that Elder Eyring told I think it was in conference sometime about his dad. Elder Eyring Sr. was a mathmetician and would take Elder Eyring Jr. down in their basement on their free time to teach him math. One day Elder Eyring's father noticed that his son wasn't showing much interest. "Henry, we went over this problem last week but you don't seem to know it any better this week than you did last week; do you not just think about math all of the time?" He went on to council his son that he needs to pick a career with something that he loves. Whatever it is that he always thought about when there was nothing else going on. Whatever makes him happy.
Interior Design is my "Math". I love it and I am ALWAYS thinking about it. I have since I was a kid and even though I can get run down and tired by the end of the semester, I love what I do. I can't wait to get into a firm or out on my own to be able to see my designs built and turned into real life. I love being inspired and as maticulous as it gets, I love it even more. Like I tell Eric all the time when he teases me for being a perfectionist...someday I will get paid for being a perfectionist. I'm lucky to be in a place that I can persue what I love and have a family who backs me up 100%. I truely am in the right place and I was humbled by this class I so despirately wanted to hate.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Football Season

I love football season. I always have and I think it's safe to say that I always will. This week was the kick off for college football and I feel like I'm home again. Cheese ball I know but I'm totally serious.
As I was walking to the stadium to watch our Utes begin their season, I literally felt my heart fill with joy.
Seriously, I love the spirit of it all and I love seeing the sea of red shirts everywhere on game day. I see a car on the street with their U of U flags flapping in the wind and I automatically like the person driving it. I even love the sound of a football game that I don't necessarily care about being on t.v. just so that I can take a nap to it. and  I love the smell of BBQ from all of the crazy U of U tail-gaiters by our house. (I say this because Eric has expressed to me that he'll know he's made it in life when we are those people.) yep. we aim for the stars. and he is 100% honest when he says that's one of his aspirations in life.
Tonight I am sitting here with the husband and his dad flipping through every single NCAA football game on t.v. listening to the two of them talk football..... and argue football. They love it and I love it.