Thursday, April 12, 2012


The other night at dinner, CoCo and I played with stickers to help us sit still. I think the video says it all...

I guess stickers do feel pretty funny when they are on your face.

Monday, April 2, 2012

I love her

Left to Right: Spencer, Allex, Derek, Grandma, Trent
Haley, Chelesa
She was born to be our grandmother.

Chelsea, Grandma, Allex & Haley

Haley, Grandpa, Chelsea, Derek, Grandma, & Allex

At her most recent birthday
It's crazy how quickly life can change. Two weeks ago my sweet Grandma was her normal, energetic self. She'd been having sharp pains in her back and kept going to the doctor because she thought she had a pinched nerve. I hate to say it but I wish it were a pinched nerve!!! Her doctor kept giving her more pain medicine to help with the pain and the chiropractor couldn't figure out what was wrong either. The pain eventually became unbearable so my Grandpa took her to instacare and little did we know how bad an MRI could look. Come to find out, my Grandma has cancer EVERYWHERE. It's in about 20 places on her spine, her liver is covered with cancer spots, it's eating her bones, in her blood, taking over just about everything except for her brain....but it's in the bones of her scull too. How does this happen?! She and my Grandpa just climbed Machu Picchu less than a year ago!
Can you see her in there?

There's nothing the doctors can do for her and we were told it could be days...weeks at most. I just can't even believe it. She is in so much pain I just wish I knew how to help her. For now, I will continue to snuggle her.