Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring is finally here!!! Or at least I hope so. It seems like every time I think we've seen the last of winter... It snows. Cross your fingers because the nest few days look promising.
Well, things are going well for Eric and I, Megan and Miss Addison have been in town the past couple of weeks and we've had a ton of fun playing with them! I just wish they'd move back here dang it. Maybe someday... But Megan just happened to hit her 14 week mark in her pregnancy while she was out here and Haley was nice enough to do the ultrasound....It's a boy! Megan let me be there when Haley did the scan and it was really cool. It's crazy how fast those tiny babies grow! Congrats to Clarke and Megan!
Eric and I are coming up on the last few weeks of this semester and are both just trying to survive! It happens a few times a year so you'd think I'd be used to it by now but I'm totally not. I'm on the verge of going crazy. Literally. Once I finish all of these final projects, I'm hoping to have my soul back! (and my husband)
I'm so excited, Eric and his friends put together a softball team and their first game is tonight! He played last year with some of his other friends and I seriously loved going to those games. I think it'll be even better this year because all of his closest buddies are home from their missions now so they are all on the team. It's gonna be epic!
Since the last post, we've been to California and back! We had spring break about a month or so ago and of course Eric couldn't miss out on an opportunity for a vacation. So he booked the flight and off we went! I love that about Eric, if there's any possible reason to celebrate or go somewhere, you'd better believe he's gonna plan something fun! It was super nice to get out in the sun though. We were able to go to the beach, relax, play with the Bowen's, we even made it back to Disneyland! One of my favorite places ever, Eric knows how much I love it so he's made sure to take me back twice already since we've been married! He's money like that. It was a great get away, only to come back to get ready for finals!
Life is still great though!