Thursday, May 24, 2012

California in April

My little sister Sam had a cheer competition in Anaheim last month. Since she is a senior, I knew I'd probably never get the chance to see her compete again. My family has always been way into sports but cheer has been a new realm for us and I haven't been to as many cheer events as I probably should have. Not because I didn't want to...I've had night classes and high school games are always held while I'm in class. Anyway....enough excuses, I thought I'd capitalize on the opportunity and make a trip out of it :) Shocker.

 You can't really see her in these but she's there and their team did really well! I think they placed 1st in their hip hop routine and 2nd in cheer. Not to shabby!

These pics are a little better from senior night at Brighton. It's tradition for the seniors to teach their dads a dance and perform it on senior night...those that know my dad realize that a part of him died that night.

Goodbye Cheerleading

While we were in California we also got to stay with our favorite Bowen family! I love these guys so much, and love that they always let us come visit.

We were able to meet up with my Mom, Sam, and Chan at DISNEYLAND! Disneyland is truly a magical place.
The Bowen's are Disneyland regulars so they met up with us in the afternoon. I loved having so many of my favorite people with me in one afternoon!

 It was a real short trip but it was definitely worth it!