Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wasatch Back

I survived!!!!! I have been scared to death yet so excited at the same time to run the Wasatch Back. I've been training for months and months but still felt extremely under prepared to run this relay but I did it! For those who don't know much about these relays, each team has twelve runners and everyone runs 3 different legs. (Each varying in difficulty) The Ragnar Wasatch Back is a total of 190 miles that starts in Logan and weaves down through the canyons and finally ends in Park City. The team splits into two vans and takes turns running each set of legs.
Van #2 Just getting ready to start

I was runner #10 and I was super pumped because my sweet little sister Sam was brave enough to agree to this madness with me. (Very comforting as weird as that sounds) It was nice to have someone close to me there so that we could be scared together. haha but she was runner #9 which come to find out, runners 9 and 10 are the HARDEST legs of the entire race.... hahaha Seriously? that's what I said. I was also pumped to find out that my cute mom had volunteered to be our van driver (another comforting thought) and off we went! scared as I was, everything went perfectly. We got there just before our first runner was going to take the hand off from our other van and it had all started before I could make myself any more nervous. Long story short, our 1st legs that were supposed to be a breeze ended up being at the hottest part of the day which caught me off guard because my 1st leg was only 4 miles but it took a lot out of me! normally 4 miles would not have even started to phase me but try it in 100 degree weather on's a whole different game.
Just finishing the 1st leg.

After all 6 of the runners in our car had finished our 1st legs, we ended up in some town out in the middle of nowhere. I honestly can't even remember the name of it where we were able to down some subway in a high school and "get some sleep" on the wrestling pads. ha! My adrenaline was still totally pumping and I was so nervous for my next two legs that trying to relax was pretty close to impossible. especially on nasty pads from who knows what!After what seemed like 20 minutes, it was time for another round, which was my longest not to mention in the middle of the night and running on absolutely zero sleep. Sam had a 10 miler and then it was my turn... finished my 9 miles and it was perfect. I ran so much better than I could've expected! and the scenery was beautiful! I ran through the night past all sorts of hills and fields with horses and around a lake(not sure which lake at this point) then I watched the sun rise just on the last few miles. It was great! Pretty sure I watched our van drive right past me at the beginning of my leg... never to see them again haha They couldn't see me so instead of checking on me like we'd done every couple of miles. they were nowhere to be found. I didn't mind except for the fact that I was worried that Sam must've been hurt or something because she had just run the longest leg of the entire Ragnar and totally killed it! I was totally amazed. Anyway, turns out they couldn't see me when they drove past and just waited for me at the exchange. Sorry this is turning out to be so long and in detailed but I figure I'm the only one who knows about this blog anyway so I can say whatever the heck I want. Again, this is for journal purposes :)
The next leg was what was my biggest fear. This is why I had been a complete nervous wreck for the past 5 months... It was the RAGNAR and I was scared to death. This is the leg that even the super intense, competitive runners pay people off to take because nobody wants to run it. Yeah, this was mine and now matter how many pep talks I was giving to myself in my head or how many prayers I has said to just get me up this hill, I was so nervous! To add to my stress, I was sick. I wasn't sure whether it was from my nerves, my lack of sleep and exhaustion, or what but I was beyond nauseous. (which NEVER happens to me, I have the stomach of a rock) Later to find out I was just extremely backed up if you know what I mean :) LESSON. LEARNED. Anyhow, Before I knew it were were driving up to my exchange point and I was literally on the verge of tears, seriously this is what a wuss I can be! and I turn around to hear honking behind us only to find my sweet husband hanging out the window of his dads car with a huge smile across his face and my father in law and sister in law Katie driving up to cheer me on. Eric knew how nervous I was so he wasn't gonna miss it for the world. This is why I love this guy! Remember how I was already on the verge of tears? yeah I was done for after this. So to end my long long story, you better believe I trecked all the way up that hill! Running in places I could but nobody ran up this hill. It was such a huge incline that it was faster and more energy efficient to power walk up it instead of run and my sweet Eric did all 5 miles with me! giving me water and talking to me to take my mind of of things.

Moral of the story, it was such a great experience I would do it again in a heartbeat. The girls on our team were amazing, I had a blast hanging out with my mom and Sam and I have the absolute best husband in the world. He never seizes to amaze me and I still can't believe how he continues to make me fall even more and more in love with him everyday. I'm the happiest/luckiest girl in the world to have him as my husband! Another big thing to check off my maybe we'll go for a 1/2 marathon. It'll happen.

I just realized that I'm not asctually running in any of these pictures...Must've been cause I was running so fast that they couldn't catch a shot haha.
I promise I ran!!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pretty sure I'm the worst blogger in the world! This is precisely the reason I sucked at writing in a journal but I'm still working on it!
A lot has happened since the last post, Eric and I have finished the spring semester and I'm done for the summer! It's soooo nice! I thought about cramming in a summer semester but quickly talked myself out of it. haha Eric however is taking one class. Which he likes because it keeps him busy while still allowing plenty of time for golf and work.
We were lucky enough to make a trip to Omaha to see Pete and Ali and the boys! Eric took his last final and we cruised out to the airport with Carol and Jeff about an hour later. It was awesome, we made it in time for Pete's white coat ceremony and were able to spend a lot of time with the crew!
We also made a trip out to Nauvoo during our travels. I had never been and it's one of Jeff and Carol's favorite places on earth. Jeff served his mission in Illinios and they have been in the Nauvoo pageant several times... needless to say he HAD to take me there to see it. haha That's how Jeff is. Ali and the boys even joined us! I quickly learned how special of a place Nauvoo really is. I think it is a place that everyone needs to visit sometime in their lifetime. It was so surreal! Especially to visit Carthage Jail, to stand in the exact same place Joseph Smith stood just before his death, it was incredible. Being in Nauvoo has a way of making you feel the pioneers there and get a glimpse at what their lives were like. I loved it! Definitely a testimony builder for me.

After that, we spent a few more days in Omaha before we had to catch a flight back to Salt Lake. We hit up another one of Owen's soccer games, the zoo, played some late night games and also got to explore downtown Omaha. Good times dudes. We had such a blast spending time with each other and can't wait to see them this summer!
For now, we will enjoy the warm weather and I will continue training for the Wasatch Back. I'm beyond nervous! I have some rough legs of the race but I think I can do it. At least I hope so haha I guess we'll find out!