Saturday, February 19, 2011


Pretty sure I should have a huge SLACKER stamped on my forehead when it comes to blogging. Whatever. Somehow I always seem to find time to check out new blog posts from everybody else but never have time to give a little TLC to my own. So I guess I'll blame it on school. So an update on what's gone down in the life of the Theurer's since the last post. Pretty sure that was back in October haha But Halloween was a blast! I love Halloween, Eric not so much. He had a bad experience as a 7 year old kid on Halloween night involving some horribly mean Jr. high kids. He and his buddy got mugged :( Really? who does that? but that's beside the point, Eric hasn't dressed up on Halloween since then. Until this year!!! We had a few parties to go to and after a few long discussions about how he would look even more stupid if he was the only person not in costume then if he'd just put in a little bit of effort. Not to mention the fact that he's an adult now and no Jr. high jerks would dare mess with him now. haha Come Halloween day I still had no clue whether he would actually dress up or not. Till I got a phone call mid afternoon, for those who know Eric, he struggles big time with decision making and when he does make a decision its subject to change at any second. Literally! So he calls me while I just so happened to be at Walt Mart with my mom and tells me he thinks he wants to dress up. So off I run to pick through what left of the costumes which is close to nothing and only the crappy ones are left. To my content I found a kids superman costume left(a one piece at that) with fake muscles chiseled into it. haha awesome. so I purchase the stupid thing and head home to see what we can do with it. We quickly cut the legs off and turn the muscle part into what we call Clarke Kent!!
A pretty darn good looking Clarke Kent if I do say so myself. After all of this tribulation of finding a costume for Eric, I totally zoned finding myself a costume so I improvised. I was mostly pumped because mine was free! But at the same time I don't know if I should be concerned that I could look this awful with everything I already owned...

Thanksgiving quickly came upon us and there's nothing I love more than a Thanksgiving Feast! Although this year was slightly different:
That's right, I had my wisdom teeth taken out just 48 hours before Thanksgiving. Such a dumb idea but my schedule is ridiculous so it was really the only time I could fit it in. I did it through a study so I couldn't exactly be super picky either but it worked out great! I must have been super lucky because I've heard so many horror stories about people getting their wisdom teeth taken out (study or no study) but I was totally fine! There's no avoiding the swelling of course but I felt great. I was told to take it easy and stay home for at least a day or so but I CANNOT sit still for that long. No way! I tried but by 11 a.m. the next morning I was so ready to get out of my apartment. So that's what I did :) and we have Jean Brown Research to thank for providing me the funds for Eric's Christmas this year!
Christmas was a blast as usual. We were loving having all of Eric's siblings in town aka the niece and nephews! We love them too much. We were both out of school and completely stress free minus work but that's life. For a solid three weeks or so we basically just bounced back and forth between my parents house and the in-laws. It was beyond awesome! Here are a few pics of the festivities:
                                                                   Christmas morning
                                              Theurer Dart Wars...we don't mess around
                                                 Grandpa trying to load a gun one handed
                                                                    Xbox Connect
                               I don't even know what to say about these people and their sauces

                                                                 Good work Clarke

                                               We also hit my Birthday :) I love Birthdays
Last but not least.... We just had our 2nd wedding anniversary this past week! Is that nuts or what? I think so. Last year Eric surprised me with a weekend getaway to Zermott resort up in Heber so i took initiative to make the plans this year. I love surprises but I'm horrible at pulling them off for other people. One of my many goals to improve on but I sneakily stole Eric on Friday from work on his lunch break only to get a couples message! yay messages are the best and these ones were well earned! Later that night I treated him to a date at one of his favorite restaurants Rodizio Grill. So tasty! Sorry, I totally forgot to take pictures. Slacker Once again.
Other than that, Eric and I are both beyond swamped with school and work. Pretty sure I haven't crawled into bed before 1:30 a.m. at all the past 2 weeks due to homework. Oh well, I've learned to truly appreciate any second of time I get to just sit.