Wednesday, June 13, 2012

There She Goes

She did it. I think this poor girl was having a hard time letting go of all of her loves but eventually she decided she was ready.

The viewing and funeral were beautiful and were exactly how she would've wanted them to be. It felt more like a celebration for her lovely life than a sad funeral, the Spirit was incredibly strong and I know she was there with us.

I was put in charge of most of the display tables which doesn't seem like a big deal... but if you knew my Grandma, you know that tablescaping is an ART and I didn't dare disappoint.

One of my Grandma's very favorite traditions was her famous Tea Parties. Every summer since before I can remember she held a tea party with all 5 of her granddaughters. She used to set up the most elaborate tables out on the veranda and serve mini cucumber sandwiches, grilled cheese sandwiches (cut in small triangles), fruit, chocolate milk, and whatever else she thought might look cute to eat. haha She would teach us proper etiquette and how to be a lady. My uncle's company made a beautiful video of my Grandma where they interviewed her and were able to record my Grandma telling some of her favorite stories and all about her life. It was precious to hear her voice and to hear her laugh as I was setting up. I felt like she was there with me.
This picture breaks my heart
Hobson Sisters

 I'm blessed to know that I will see her again, I will love her always.