Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Curve Balls

So far this fall has been nothing like we could have imagined but I am growing to the idea that it's been good for me. Due to several unforeseen events I have been forced to adapt to the idea that life definitely doesn't always go as we plan. A very hard lesson for a person such as myself to learn but it's crazy how Heavenly Father seems to have something else in store for me...I hate being out of control of my own life(to a certain extent) but who better to trust than the Lord? No one I guess.
I had my first major run in with this not too long ago when I met my Eric. He was (not to sound mean in anyway) but frankly unwanted. haha I am quite the planner and for as long as I can remember, I had planned on serving a mission. It was something that I'd prayed long and hard about for many years and had no doubt that it was the right thing for me to do. Nothing would hold me back(not to mention the fact that I had a missionary I'd bee avidly writing for the past year, yes I was one of those girls) My 21st birthday was around the corner and it was finally time to start filling out mission papers! I was so excited and so anxious. During this whole process, most know that I had been serving in the sorority presidency up at the University of Utah aka my life was spent up there! Long story short, one of my close Beta friends was throwing a huge BBQ and that's where it all unfolded.... I met this guy.
And all of my planning logic became a huge jumble. I was lost and confused because this was definitely NOT in the plan! After a whole lot of knee-spent time and an answer from the temple, I was forced to humble myself and take a giant leap of faith....Scary!!! Heavenly Father has other plans for me.
Once again, here I am with a few more curve balls. Big curve balls. But I know I will be a stronger person because of these. After all, that's what life is about right?!
So much easier said than done.